Loft Insulation Grants Do You Qualify?

Loft Insulation Grants are available from the Government's ECO Scheme

If you have less than 100 mm of loft insulation installed in your home you may qualify for a grant to have it installed.

Loft Insulation Grants from the ECO Scheme

Loft Insulation Grants

Loft Insulation Grants from the ECO Scheme help householders to have loft insulation installed and to keep heating bills down.

If you have no loft insulation installed OR it is less than 100 mm thick (about 4 inches), you may qualify for an ECO Grant to help you install loft insulation in your home.

Installing loft insulation in a home which has none, could save over £200 on your heating bills every year.

We only deal with applications for loft insulation grants from home owners.

Loft Insulation Grants depend on the type of home you live in and how many bedrooms it has. Some householders in small homes may be asked to contribute towards the cost of installing loft insulation.

Loft Insulation
Loft Insulation Grants

Because heat rises, up to a quarter of the heat you pay for can be lost through the roof of your home.

Insulating your roof space is a quick, easy and is a relatively inexpensive way to save energy and reduce your heating bills.  Also, most types of loft insulation material will last for over forty years so it will pay for itself many times over.

Insulating the Pipes and Water Tank in your Loft

By installing effective loft insulation, less heat from the rooms in your home will be lost into the roof space. Because of this it will be colder in your loft and the water pipes and water tank may need to be protected from the cold winter weather.

Water pipes and the water tank in your loft should be well insulated and the loft hatch cover should also be insulated. It should be fitted with a draught excluder around the edges to stop cold draughts coming through it, into your home.  Loft insulation grants will not pay for insulating the water pipes or water tank in your loft.

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