Grants for LPG Boilers from the Government's ECO Scheme

Grants for LPG Boilers are available in England, Scotland and Wales

Government Grants for LPG Boilers

This map shows which areas are most likely to have no mains gas supply and therefore where householders are more likely to rely on LPG central heating boilers to heat their homes.

The darker the shading, the higher the percentage of homes with no access to mains gas and therefore the more householders who have to rely on LPG central heating.

We process Government Grants for LPG Boilers for home owners throughout mainland England, Scotland and Wales, plus Anglesey.

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Grants for LPG Boilers in England, Scotland and Wales

We have helped over 25,000 householders to apply for an ECO Grant since the scheme started early in 2013.

There are just 5 easy steps to a brand new A-Rated LPG Boiler to replace your broken oil fired boiler

Grants for LPG Boilers

Grants for LPG boilers help to replace broken boilers with energy efficient boilers so that low income householders can reduce their energy bills.

The value of your LPG boiler grant depends on the type of home you live in, how many bedrooms it has and how well insulated it is. Sometimes, LPG boiler grants don’t cover the full cost of replacing a broken LPG boiler and a contribution may be required towards the cost.

ECO3 - The Government's ECO Scheme 2018 to 2022

Grants for LPG Boilers from the Government’s ECO Scheme are available for home owners to help replace a broken LPG boiler.

Under ECO 3 you must receive one of the qualifying State Benefits, Tax Credits or other allowances.  This is because ECO 3 has been designed to focus the funding towards low income households only.

Grants for LPG Boilers from the ECO Scheme

The ECO Scheme is a Government initiative which is designed to help low income households to replace broken heating systems with new energy efficient heating systems.

Major changes to the ECO Scheme were introduced in October 2018 and now, only home owners will qualify for grants to replace broken heating systems. The Government has introduced legislation to make landlords of privately rented homes responsible for providing a working heating system in homes they rent out.

Consequently, grants for LPG boilers are not available for tenants of privately rented homes. Neither are they available to tenants in council or housing association owned homes or to those living in shared ownership homes.

The other major change was to limit grants for LPG boilers to householders who receive one of the qualifying State Benefits, Tax Credits or other Allowances.  However, the number of qualifying benefits has been increased to include Child Benefit, DLA, PIP and other DWP administered or MOD administered allowances. Click HERE for full ECO Scheme qualifying rules.

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Grants for LPG Boilers from the ECO Scheme

For more information about the Government’s ECO Affordable Warmth Scheme, visit and for more information about ECO Grants to replace faulty Electric Storage Heaters, go to

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